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About AQA Academy

AQA Academy is an after-school and weekend programme, here at AQA Academy we aim to provide our students with high standards of education in Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic studies. We believe in providing children with a great foundation upon which they will adopt beautiful manners and sound conduct, with the core belief of making' Today’s children Tomorrow’s Teachers.'

Programme description:

We provide classes for students (males and females) from the ages of 5-17 and each student is placed with their age group.

You may choose one of the following options (all options are the same price):


  1. Weekdays (Monday & Tuesday) 5pm - 7:30pm  (5 hours weekly)
  2. Saturday Morning 9am - 12pm  (3 hours weekly)
  3. Saturday Afternoon 12:30pm - 3:30pm  (3 hours weekly)
  4. Sunday morning 10am - 1pm  (3 hours weekly)


The fee for the Academic year is: £350 per child yearly, there is an option to pay either the full amount or split the payment over three instalments.

Term 1 £140
Term 2 £140
Term 3 £70

Sibling discount: If you have three or more children studying with us you are entitled to a yearly discount of £50 per child and the fees can be paid over three instalments.

Term 1 £120
Term 2 £120
Term 3 £60

New applicants 22/23 Pay for existing student

For further information, please contact us on AQA@wlicc.org or call us on 020 7471 8274 / 07464029563



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