Sisters Quran College

Anwarul-Huda (Sisters' Quran College)


Excellence in teaching the memorisation, recitation and reflection of the Holy book of Allah


Provide a unique, creative and complete education of the Holy Qur’an with a high level of efficiency


Provide a unique, creative and complete education of the Holy Qur’an with a high level of efficiency

  • To connect the sisters with the Qur’an.
  • To provide a unique educational experience.
  • To help them to reflect the values and the influence of the Qur’an in their lives.
  • To enable them to become excellent Hafidat. With a wide understanding of the Qur’an.
  • To train and form teachers.
  • To prepare them to pass on their knowlge to future generations.

Qur'an Memorisation and Tajweed Courses:

Our college teaches under two main courses: the Tajweed course and the Memorisation course. The Tajweed course is taught Tajweed rules through three classes: Arabic, English and Verbal.

Graduates of the Tajweed course will be able apply all the Tajweed rules in their recitation and memorisation.

The memorisation course consists of graduates of the first group and other students with previous knowledge of Tajweed, and focuses on memorisation under six different levels.

Students at all levels from all courses graduate each year at a ceremony where certificates and prizes are awarded, and the sisters’ achievements are celebrated with food, entertainment and speeches from special guests.

Currently we have over two hundred and eighty students at all levels from beginners to advanced. We running twenty-four classes in total assessed and taught by our sixteen experienced qualified teachers.

The open day will be on the beginning of September, with the registration period lasting for a month. Students are assessed according to their levels to ensure that all abilities are catered for.

Fees £150 per an academic year

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Arabic for Qur’an

This is a unique course that the college provides focusing on gaining a fundamental knowledge in the Arabic language of the Qur’an for the non-Arabic speakers.

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Sundays Open Circles

This is an open programme in Qur’an available for those who cannot attend a full-term course. No fees

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Qur'anic Studies

A new project introducing some studies relevant to Qur’an for advanced classes.

In addition, the college organises talks, seasonal Competitions, and other events.

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