Wlicc Sisters

For our sisters


A women’s institution to form a Muslim woman who is able to play an effective role in the community/ society.

Missions & Aims

At West London Islamic Centre (WLICC) our mission is to provide a warm, supportive platform in order to bring sisters of the community together, to educate and cultivate them in all aspects of their Deen, and to embrace the future generations.

  • To connect our sisters with the Book of Allah and their Islamic Identity.
  • To convey Muslim values and present the true image of Islam
  • To embrace the future generation and give attention to the young Muslim sisters
  • Providing Sisters with recreational and social activities within a safe, Islamic environment for a stronger community



Sisters Qur'an College

The Sisters Quran College was established more than 12 years ago, to serve the holy Quran and act as a means to connect muslim sisters to the Quran.

Our aim is to connect all Mslim sisters to the Qur’an by providing unique educational techniques which integrate the value and the influence of the Qur’an in their lives and enable them to become excellent Hafidat, prepared to pass on their teaching to future generations.

The college has a structed programme for Qur’anic education. Students are assessed according to the levels to ensure that all abilities are catered for.

Currently we have over two hundred and eighty students at all levels from beginners to advanced.

The college organises seasonal Competitions, continuous events and an amazing Graduation Ceremony at the end of the year. Certificates are awarded at each level of the course.

Open Circles

This is an open programme in Qur’an available for those who cannot attend a full term course. We have 3 different classes during the week and weekend. The courses will be staffed by fully qualified teachers.

Arabic for Qur'an

This is a unique course focusing on gaining a fundamental understanding of the Qur‘an for non-Arabic speakers.

Qur'an Studies

A new project introducing some studies relevant to Qur’an for advanced classes.

Youth Sisters

A program for young sisters that includes Quran and Tarbya as well as events, competitions, activities, outings. In addition of a youth seasonal programmes during the holidays.

Sisters' Course (Dawraht)

As part of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) the sisters are provided with various tailored trainings, which are delivered by our Imams and other professionals on Aqeedah and other topics relevant to the modern Muslim women.

Special Sisters' Trainings

As self-development courses, parenting courses, well-being workshop, counselling sessions and much more ..

Sisters Community Program

An open program to promote the Muslima and help her to be an efficient member of the community; the program includes gatherings and actions taken by the sisters within the community: such as coffee mornings, community days, sisters only evening, help families in need and much more...

How to contact us:

Email: sistersevents@wlicc.org
Phone number: 020 7471 8277